The British Brigade

The British Brigade portrays the British, Provincial, French Canadian, First Nations, American Indians, and German units that served with the Crown Forces during the American Revolutionary War, bringing together hundreds of soldiers and camp followers at historical re-enacting events.

What do we do?

The British Brigade promotes the historical research and recreation of units that served in the British Army during the American Revolutionary War by recreating military camp life and battle simulations.

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Event Registration

 Register your unit for a British Brigade event using our online form.

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Get Involved

There's a place in our camp for you. To inquire about joining a British Brigade unit, visit us at a weekend event or contact us.

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Our Regiments

The British Brigade is composed of various units of troops, each with a different personality and focus.


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A Place in Our Ranks

Whether you're interested in portraying a soldier or a camp follower, there's a place for everyone in the units of the British Brigade.