The British Brigade portrays the British, Provincial, French Canadian, First Nations (Aboriginal Canadians), American Indians and German units that served with the Crown Forces during the American Revolutionary War. We bring together hundreds of soldiers and camp followers at weekend historical reenacting encampments, with the ultimate goal of educating the public by displaying a detailed, accurate portrayal of British Army camp life of the late 1700s. Visit one of our many events to witness tent-lined streets filled with red, blue, and green-coated men performing daily duties and practicing drills.

At weekend events, the British Brigade Army forms for battle against the Rebel forces where one can see, amid the clouds of powder smoke and crash of musketry, battalions of men manoeuvring into action. Infantry, artillery, and cavalry recreate the detailed evolutions of the 18th century's most famous army.

Corporate Board Officers
Brigadier: James McGaughey
Deputy Commander: Mark Hagenbuch (Malcolm MacWilliam)
Paymaster: Douglas Ozelius
Secretary: Lester McIntosh

Appointed British Brigade Staff
Adjutant-General: Dan McMahon
Quarter Master General: Peter Ferwerda
Deputy Quarter Master General: William Johnson
Judge Advocate General: Thomas Villardi
Master Gunner: Lester McIntosh
Master of Horse: Jess Phillips
Indian Department: Pete Brevik
Inspector General: Michael Grenier
Deputy Inspector General: Eric Schnitzer
Brigade Chaplain: Scott Williams
Deputy Brigade Chaplain: Malcolm MacWilliam
Senior Drum Major: Joseph Siegel
ADC: Ken Siegel
ADC: Michael Grenier
Recruiting Officer: -

4th Company of the Guards relax at Yorktown, VA